Those still keeping state vehicles should be ashamed – NDC Organiser

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Joshua Hamidu Akamba(NDC Organizer)
Joshua Hamidu Akamba(NDC Organizer) is reliably informed that Former President John Dramani Mahama ordered all his appointees, including party executives, to return government vehicles in their possession to the state before leaving office.

The Ex-president, at a meeting with members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), directed that all state assets in the hands of any activist should be handed over to the present administration.

Deputy National Organizer of the opposition NDC, Joshua Akamba, disclosed this in an interview with NEAT FM morning show Ghana Montie.

He thus wondered why some individuals within the NDC are still holding onto state vehicles despite Mr Mahama’s directive and described their action as “shameful” and “seriously dishonest”.

“The former president [John Mahama] held a meeting with everyone in the party and his government and told us to return state cars in our possession to the new government.”

“So I don’t know why one will still keep those cars for the state to chase them for it. Why do you have to keep state property? That is seriously dishonest on the side of those keeping state property. They should bow their heads down in shame,” he told host Kwesi Aboagye.

Joshua Akamba was emphatic that he never used any government vehicle when the NDC was in power.

The National Organiser of the opposition party, Kofi Adams, incidentally Akamba’s immediate boss, is one person who stands accused of ‘stealing’ five vehicles belonging to the state.

The five vehicles; two Toyota V8 Land Cruisers with registration numbers GS 7451-12 and GN 7796-16 and three Nissan Hard Body pick-ups with registration numbers; GM 842-16, GM 823-16 and GM 846-16, were seized from his Golf City area house in Tema.

Kofi Adams, who was also the Campaign Coordinator for John Mahama in the run-up to the 2016 general elections, was said to be in Dubai when the house was visited by people said to be national security operatives to seize the cars.

However, a source at the Flagstaff House – where the vehicles were sent for safe keeping said the current users have indeed scrapped [tampered with] the chassis number under the windshield of the pickups and sealed the place with a metal – all in an attempt to change the ownership.

But Joshua Akamba questioned why people must allow the state to chase them for state cars.

“If you are not a government appointee, don’t drive state cars. That is my policy and principle,” he advised.


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