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A common saying goes like, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” which means beauty doesn’t exist on its own but is created by observers. Subjective as it may seem, well, I belong to that school of thought. I have never been engrossed with this whole GMB thing until 2014 when one Abigail Baciara Bentie, aka BACI made lots of Ghanaians proud especially people from the Upper West Region.

Fast forward to 2017, yet another edition of the GMB which promised to take us ‘straight outta Ghana’ appears to be rather taking us ‘straight outta TV3’.
In every competition, we have officials who are expected to officiate in a fair and uncontestable manner. Anything short of that, mars the beauty of the competition.

This year’s edition of the GMB has suffered lots of setbacks. From auditioning, selection and inclusion and finally, what has gotten the food basket region of the nation talking all day and all night is the ‘eviction’ of the B/A representative.

One would ask, is eviction not part of the competition? It certainly is but when it is carried out in a way that seems not to go down well with a significant number of people, then u know something is amiss.
After all, some ladies had been evicted earlier before the very recent eviction of Adom. October 29, exactly a week ago would forever be an unforgettable day in the hearts of many Ghanaians especially people from the Brong Ahafo Region.

‘Judges’ all over the world and in every competition are revered because of the arduous task they go through in scoring performances. Aside the votes that come through, there’s also what we call the ‘public opinion’ and I can bet it has been very useful as far as this competition is concerned. The entire nation saw how the two judges were struggling to justify why Adom had to leave the GMB house. Ladies first, so kindly permit me to start with Aunt Linda.

Aunt Linda after several weeks of the competition decided to use that night to explain to Ghanaians what the GMB is all about and what they were actually looking for; beauty, eloquence, etc etc but not an actress. Very well but what she forgot to underscore was that, that was the same criteria they used in auditioning these ladies before they got to where they are today. By the way, who is an actress? Aunt Linda, I am sorry to disappoint you but all the ladies have been acting all these weeks so u should have spared us that line if had no excuse for calling the shots.
The nature of the program promotes ‘Chew and Pour’ and probably you should have said you wanted the ladies to own their scripts so that it reflects in their presentation. Deal!!

Uncle Oscar, hmmmm…..I just don’t know where to start from. Ok let’s do it this way.
Why did you people save Baaba a fortnight ago? U committed a huge blunder by the comments you passed before evicting Adom that night. To say if you were to carry out an eviction the previous week, Baaba wouldn’t have been in the competition because of her abysmal performance. For crying out loud, this is a competition and not a family reunion. In any competition, it’s the strongest and determined that survives. The ability to gather your arsenals and psych up yourself in times of crises draws the line between a winner and a loser.
All the same, I can’t begrudge you because you people are ‘judges’ and we assume you know what’s best for the competition. Inferring from what you said about Baaba and if it is any criteria to go by, then I believe you would agree with me Edem shouldn’t have gone through on that night because in your own words again, you rebuked Edem for putting up a poor performance. Let’s forget about the votes for now because Adom even had more votes than some of the ladies who had been saved on that night.

To my dear Adom who has kept me busy typing all these, we are not saying you are the best among all the ladies. You have your flaws at least some slight issues with ‘articulation of the queen’s language’ that I can confidently say and every discerning viewer would agree or disagree with me. That notwithstanding, you were amazing in your own way. We are making all these noise because even with your flaws, you were still better off than some of the ladies in the house hence tipped you to get to the finals. You started slowly but your performances by the weeks improved remarkably. No wonder you were sweeping awards almost every other night. Congratulations and Keep it up girl.

Eviction from the GMB has always been smooth and devoid of brouhaha except for Adom’s eviction. That tells you that, the voice of the people is the voice of God. My interaction with people who are highly peeved with your decision has revealed that, the name Ghana’s Most Beautiful should be rechristened TV3’s Most Beautiful. Others also believe B/A has never been treated fairly for the past 11 years of existence of the event. Some have vowed never to watch the GMB again whiles others have deleted the TV3 channel from their digital channels.

I think I am in love with the last bit of pushing TV3 out but do I have the balls to do same? Maybe just not yet. I would have, but for the love I have for the screen goddess Natalie Fort, at least I still have something to console myself with. U should be grateful to her.

Moving forward and from the signals I am gathering, I envision GMB Season XII taking off without a representation from the Brong Ahafo Region.
GMB Season XI…..Straight Outta Ghana and I am straight outta here!!!!!
© Abrantee AP.

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