Bengazy Gh to storm Accra as DJ Agroo launches his album. –

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Bengazy Gh

One of the most confidential and courageous upcoming artiste (The leader and ruler of Naye Mouth Movement), who is well known on stage as Bengazy Gh has sent a signal through to the world that, he would be performing on stage as DJ Agro launches his album on 18th November, 2018.

Bengazy Gh under the “Koomi music” told that he was signed on a bill to perform at Agbogbloshie (Cargo Station) in the greater Accra Region as a co-artiste launches an album.

Bengazy Gh told that he is prepared to travel from Saboba to Accra to support his co-artiste to launch his album.

The Tatoo hit maker added “I would have being the happiest man if all upcoming artistes can cultivate that supportive lifestyle than been eager to charge your co-upcoming artiste as we are all still struggling to gain fame and represent the nation. ”

Bengazy Gh finilazed by acknowledging the role that his fans play in his music career .

“I always stand to the fact that am nobody without my fans. I urge all fans to keep supporting me to meet the targeted goals of “Naye Mouth Movement”.

“I also wish to inform all my fans and music lovers that I would be meeting UGLY, my partner under the Koomi label and also our Manager at Accra that day. ”

“God bless all fans and music lovers. “

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