The political dynamics in Ghana has experienced tremendous transformation in the past two decades. As we advance in the practice of democracy, the citizens and the electorate are becoming more enlightened. Henceforth, for any political party to continue to garner the support of the masses, its practices and campaign strategy must be in congruence with the emerging trend in our political dispensation.

The support base of National Democratic Congress in the volta region has reduced drastically judging from the outcome of the 2016 election. This phenomenon can be attributed to myriad of reasons all of which I cannot enumerate.

One of the main reasons that account for the continuous reduction in the support base of the NDC is their inability to disentangle themselves from the “old school ” way of campaigning. Let me use this opportunity to share with you some of these archaic methods of campaigning which has been the norm for several years in many areas in the region.

“Do not vote for the elephant (NPP), the elephant is from the bush. How can you allow an animal from the bush to rule us? The NDC is our own party. As for the umbrella, it can protect you from the sunlight and rainfall” This may sound funny but are often the exact words of NDC commentators, executives, and MPs whenever they mount the podium to campaign in areas like my Village- Tsiame. Believing that the electorate are ignorant to the extent that they cannot make logical decisions.

“If your mother is in the kitchen yet you are not satisfied, how much more your step mother? Haha.. Another funny campaign message I have listened to ever since I was a child. Who told you my step mother cannot feed me better than my mother? Wouldn’t it be better to have a step mother that is sensitive and responsive to my needs than a wicked selfish mother who careless about my needs?

” Nana is a cocaine dealer, he is too short to be the president. He said  he has never eaten gari before so he can’t lead us” Another nauseating campaign message. Isn’t it? What the authors of this vindictive and condescending words often termed as propaganda forget is that, you are telling a short man or woman who is a potential voter not to vote for a short man to become president. By extension, you are basically telling such vertically challenged individuals that they are less human. This is a simple logic which should not escape the lay man on the street.

” Jerry John Rawlings- the white guy (you hear them nicknamed him) is our son, so the NDC is for us because the party for him. Let’s not vote for another person’s party. Like seriously? Is this not too mean and out of date? Your guess is as good as mine.

The NPP and Bawumia claimed we are not Ghanaians but Togolese, so let’s not vote for them. “If you fail to vote to retain the NDC and the NPP wins, they will jail all of us as they did to Dan Abodakpui and Selormey. The NPP is fond of jailing the voltarians” Dzifa Ativor at her best trying so hard to convince the people of Ketu South to vote for the NDC. My question is when you were “chopping” the money, how much did you give them? This kind of campaign message is what I termed us “suicide message”

So whilst you waste your time talking plenty but nothing, your main opponent is hammering on your weaknesses while at the same time propagating the message of HOPE.

The result is a disconnection between the party and the masses. The party therefore becomes very unattractive especially to the youths.

The proliferation of radio

stations in the region in recent years has increased the awareness and sensitivity of many people even in the remotest areas d like Shime or Gbetuinu. Currently, the region has close to 40 FM stations and still counting. And other political parties like the NPP are harnessing the potentials and opportunities provided by the media in very productive ways, making them very attractive.

I understand you have taken the unity walk to Ketu South today, 9th of June 2018. My advice is that when you go there do not waste your time talking about who is in whose pocket or whose name was mentioned in the Ana’s exposé. Begin to appeal to the people to rebuild the depreciating confidence they have in the party.

Until this is done, no amount of unity walk will change the fortunes of the party.

My name is efo Sammy and I write what I think.😊

Please kindly look forward for my next article entitled ” The return of John Dramani Mahama, a curse or a blessing to the NDC”

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