Delay Exposed: Delay wants to Trap Me – Joyce Blessing

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Delay Wants My Downfall – Joyce Blessing

Delay Wants To Tarnish People’s Image – Joyce Blessing Reveals

“Me nsei Da” hit maker disclosed this in an Interview on UTV how Delay planned to tarnish her image.

Joyce Blessing, the Gospel Diva has disclosed to the public how Delay wanted to embarrass her so she could trip.

“I don’t get it, I was home and you called me for an interview. I even told her I have another agenda and maybe when I am done. Delay insisted and said she doesn’t mind the time and so I made arrangements for the interview that evening” – Joyce Blessing revealed.

The gospel musician explained how desperate Delay sounded on the phone and this was very surprising to her. She told UTV how Delay tried asking her unknown and weird questions. This baffled her and she wanted to understand what was really happening, Joyce lamented.

Joyce Blessing believes Delay had her own cunning way to disgrace her and she clearly has evidence to that. She later revealed that Delay edited the entire interview and published the “horrible” part of it.

“Delay treated me bad and spoke to me rudely as well as my husband to the extent that Delay clearly told me her interview with me is evil and that she will not publish it, The Gospel Diva said.

She cautioned other public figures and artist to be very careful about ” The Delay Show”

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