Dominic Eduah Is The Perfect Person To Succeed Sammy Awuku As NPP Youth Organiser-Legon TESCON member speaks.

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This is the situation we find ourselves in at the moment as Sammy Awuku, National Youth Organizer of the NPP bows out of the youth army and the keen contest begins as to who replaces him.

A student of university of Ghana and a member of UG Tescon, Hawa Issaka has said emphatically that Dominic Eduah popularly known as Field marshal is the best replacement for Sammy Awuku as national Youth organiser.

She said it in an interview with

“I believe Dominic Eduah is the best option to lead the youth of Npp. He was trained on the values of diligence and hard work. The pivotal place of strategy i.e. Thinking, Planning and Execution was ingrained in him”. She stated.

He started from the polling station level as an activist, then became Electoral Area coordinator, Constituency Youth Wing Secretary at Kwesimintim as well as Elections Strategist in the Takoradi Constituency. His experience has propel him to become a member of the Regional Communication and Campaign team of the Western Region.

He is well known among the NPP Youth, in the student’s front, known as TESCON is no stranger to him. He started off as a vice President Of TESCON and later become TESCON President at Takoradi Polytechnic. On several occasions, he has mounted the stage to speak at TESCON events motivating the young men and woman to work hard for the party.

The grace of the Lord then elevated him to the office of Deputy National Youth Organizer and Chairman of the Students’ Committee of the Youth Wing as well as a member of National Executive Committee and the National Council of the great Npp Party.

Dominic Eduah is a hardworking young man who has the desires of NPP youth and the youth of Ghana at heart. With the credentials above, Dominic Eduah still remains the best bet for the NPP Youth going into the 2020 election.

He is the Perfect Replacement for Sammi Awuku.

However, to achieve this, there is the need for a strong team working in a revamped and improved youth wing structure. There is the need for a shift in focus to a team, working together in a robust secretariat under a Strategist, Hard Working and Humble leadership. There is a job to be done and not a position to be occupied. Therefore, join Dominic Eduah and let’s help do the job together.

The Job Dey Grounds.

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