Forget Awards,Do Good Music And Make Money – Presenter Advice Fancy And Maccasio.

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Most popular radio presenter in all the three northern regions of Ghana have advice Fancy Gadam and and Maccasio to to focused on producing good music and making money rather than aiming to win awards.

According to DJ Parara,Chatter house was not fair to Maccasio and Fancy Gadam.He believes that the nomination Facny Gadam is not enouth and should have been nominated in the artist of the year category,Best Collaboration and best music video of the year.
And Maccasio who did not get any nomination should have grab new artist nomination.

Fancy Gadam and Maccasio

In a statement delivered by Parara on Sunda, 4th March stated that:
“When we are here sabotaging each other day in day out, pretending to love each other and wil never appreciate our own not to talk of being unite to fight for our selves .

So you can imagine what you guys did from 2016 to 2017 and look at the nominations in VGMA.

The nominations fancy got is not enough and know one wil tell you chatter house is not being fair to him and his management. Cos apart from Ebony ,Shatta wale fancy should have been the next artist to be in the Artist of the year category.

Maccasio Deserved to be part of New artist of the year category and and best collaboration of the year which he did not get.

The same industry players in the north who were suppose to help push, hype ,promote and do all their best to get them there were the very people praying and making noise to pull them down.

Now the two artist did not get the actual nominations we were all expecting but they are still strong and ready to do more.

My advice is to forget about awards and do more good music and make your money”.

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