Is Anas Aremeyaw Anas Now Scared Of His Own Shadow?

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Instead of titling the publication, “Is Anas Aremeyaw Anas Now Scared of his Own Shadow”, I think I should have headlined it, “Are those who said Hosanna Anas is a hero, now saying prosecute him because he is a swindler?” I am highly disgusted at Anas seeking to place an injunction on Kennedy Agyapong (Hon) to deter him from showing on television or revealing through the media the evidence he has against Anas involving himself in gargantuan acceptance of bribe.


In our quest to curtail, if not to eradicate corruption from Ghana, I will pray the courts not to grant any such injunction or else, the Ghanaian public will never be able to see the other side of Anas. Every coin has two sides and to be fair to Kennedy, we need to see his evidence against Anas to prove whether he is telling the truth or he is just trying to malign Anas to get him off doing his great job of fighting the ingrained corruption in Ghana.





Is there not a saying that goes, “He who comes into equity must come with clean hands”? This same saying has been expressed variously as “No one is entitled to the aid of a court of equity when that aid has become necessary through his or her own fault”.


“Equity does not relieve a person of the consequences of his or her own carelessness.


A court of equity will not assist a person in extricating himself or herself from the circumstances that he or she has created.


Equity will not grant relief from a self-created hardship”.


Do we also not say, “”Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones”? If Anas has indeed coerced some corrupt officials through entrapments to pay him huge sums of money to drop his adverse findings against them, why should he be allowed to go scot free if he himself is the biggest fraudster only to rival Alfred Agbesi Woyome, that notorious 21stCentury award-winning swindler in Ghana? Should Ghanaians be fooled to let Anas off the hook because he has helped the country to discover some corrupt officials who are ruining the country both economically and in image?


The law has it that any accused person stands innocent until proven guilty. Anas is innocent until the public has seen the audio-visual evidence Kennedy Agyapong (Hon) has against him. However, for Anas to hurry to seek to place injunction on Kennedy is not prudent. It goes to tell he has committed the crimes Kennedy is levelling against him, period! If he were as white as the wool or snow, he will rather goad Kennedy on to show whatever evidence he alleges to hold against him so that when they turn out false, the public will then hold Kennedy accountable for peddling lies.


Yes, Anas can sue Kennedy for defamation of character in any sum of money he likes should he believe in his heart of hearts that he has not committed acts of extortions, blackmailing people and threatened others with either genuine or fake persons in police uniform. For him to use any dirty tactics to silence Kennedy will not wash. He cannot play on the sympathetic sentiments of Ghanaians to win their support to extricate himself from any crimes he might have committed.





For Anas to be taken serious after his ongoing skirmishes with Kennedy, he should disavow any intents of his to place any injunction on Kennedy. Even if the court grants him his wish, I shall encourage Kennedy to flout it. The law should not be abused to favour criminals or the rich.


How true it is the saying by Antonio on the death of Julius Caesar when he addressed the gathered Roman mourners. He said amid his speech, “The evil that men do lives after them” and again, the truth will out no matter how long one tries to conceal it.


So, has Anas been hiding behind a mask only to dupe people for his selfish ends? What a fight between two elephants. When two elephants fight, it is the turf/grass that suffers.

Anas must be a man to accept his faults to apologise in case he had extorted money from some people he had investigated to let them off the hook. To regain the admiration and the sympathy of the people, he had better come out clean rather than issuing threats of suits and pursuits of injunction.





A certain man having a Ph.D. in law and other higher qualifications in other disciplines, with the winning of high profile cases to his credit, became rude to a certain person considered Mr Nobody who never in a millennium become his co-equal. He did so while appearing not sober. However, early the next morning, he went to his workplace very remorseful to apologise for his previous night behaviour. He promised on his word never to do that again. Yes, this is a person we call a gentleman. He accepted his fault and regardless of his position, did go to apologise. Can Anas acknowledge his faults to remorsefully say, sorry to Ghanaians in general and his victims in particular?


Many a discerning Ghanaian is waiting to see Kennedy’s videos on Anas codenamed “Who watches the watchman?” Is he watching himself hence breeding fertile grounds for collecting bribes to enrich himself?


Rockson Adofo

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