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Originally known as Abudu Seidu Kura Baso but goes by stage name REDfyah is one of the fast rising reggae artist in Ghana and has performed on national and international stages with well known artists [David Picks of Australia, Lucian from Jamaica, Shasha Marley, Blakk Rasta and more others.]

REDfyah won Best Reggae Artist Of The Year at the just ended Bie Gya Bitters Brong Ahafo Music Awards [BAMA], on 21st September 2018. After the awards night at Tyco city hotel conference hall in Sunyani, REDfyah proceeded to Central Gonja District, his native Town to pay his last respect to a Gonja musician named Mubarik Sulemana also known in showbiz as Jibaati who past on, on 13th of this month through illness, where after his death a farewell concert was held by all Gonjaland Entertainment Industry Players to raise funds to help settle debts late Jibaati’s family and management incurred during the time he was on his sick bed and his funeral.

REDfyah upon arriving at the scene, on a radio interview on Japka 96.1fm a local radio station cited in Buipe with host Ishawu Atishu a.ka. Lord bhighy, said when he arrived in the Township of Buipe he heard everyone hailing all of them who came to support the show which he saw as strictly not important because when late Jibaati was on his sick bed for about a year most of the industry players showed no concern but after his death they all came and pretended to care.

“I never knew Jibaati personally, we have never contacted until when i heard of his death and his farewell concert, at my own expenses i attended with my entire team only to realize that the man was sick for almost a year,,,, again we realize almost every one was like, you people have done well for coming and this is what we want because it may be you today, the other tomorrow making it look like one must die first to enjoy that love, which we should say no to because that is purely hypocrisy” he stated.

“We needed to show all this when he needed that on his sick bed, we should not wait to pay his hospital and funeral bills in the name of love? Rasta say NO to that, we must learn to crown the living not the dead, if all these were done in Jibaati’s support and he still couldn’t make it something can still be organized to deepen the love” REDfyah added.

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