Rapper Medikal has finally declared his love to Fella Makafui despite so many criticisms by Ghanaians. It seems the rapper careless that ever people say about his new girlfriend.

Medikal’s breakup with Sister Derby is the talk of town currently in Ghana. Reacting to criticisms by Ghanaians, Medical took his Twitter page telling his side of the story.

“I want the world to know I’m glad I found you and finally fell in love with you after several years of friendship. I’m in love with your hard African face and your dark skin as they say. impeccable and your level of maturity can’t be taken away from you!”. He praises his newly found love.

The paper added that he fell in love with Fella Makafui’s hard work and dedication. Medikal also disclosed that unlike Sister Derby Fella Makafui is a very strong and respectful woman. The two has won has known each other not today according to the rapper.
“5 years ago we became friends. you’ve always been hard working and a very strong respectful powerful black woman. You teach me a lot of things day in and day out.” He disclosed.

However, the AMG rapper seems not to worry about what people are saying about them because everyone has an ex and what someone does with his/her life should not be the problem of others.
“People criticize me as if they’ve never had ex’s and aren’t into new relationships, but anyway I guess that’s how it goes. Its also rather unfortunate that Some people don’t understand us and say or act towards however they feel and sad how they don’t know what led to my current breakup with my ex.”

Medikal’s posted on Twitter .

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