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The conscious understanding of mathematics to many students have it that; maths is difficult, hard, irritating and head aching subject at all cost.

A lot of students; from basics to the tertiary level of education sometimes cry, visit prayer camps, take paracetamol whenever they are writing examination on mathematics.

But to Kuffuor Asante Bennett of Solomon Bennett Memorial school in sunyani, mathematics is the most simplest and easiest subjects among all.

“Why should students complain that maths is too difficult? It is not! The trick is that, you should pay attention and follow the steps of the teacher when solving examples on the board. Always commit yourself into practicing within the first three days when a new topic is taught” he advised.

The 13-year-old Junior High School form two student entreated his colleagues to avoid writing along when teachers are solving examples on the board and only ford arms to watching the steps and formula of the topic.

“Students mostly gets lost and confused whenever they write along while teacher is solving examples on the board” he revealed.

He also put it on record that, he has never scored below 90% in mathematics examination and assured to be the next professor Allotey in Ghana. His recent mock examination was shown to the news crew and can confirmed that he scored 100%.

He ended by thanking his mathematics teachers namely: Sir Kwarteng Ofosu, Sir Anthony Boakye and Sir Justice Karikari Yeboah for assisting him in his mathematics endeavor.


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