*Osookoo the king of comedy, is about to set a new record in Ghana over the most watch video on YouTube which sarkodie still holds the record in the country*

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The most popular movie production house in Kumasi where most of their series are uploaded online (YouTube channel), called AMP TV GH artist, with his acting name Osookoo, have shocked the whole country over his recent series tilted the Golden kitchen stool. Surprisingly this video has hit over 50million views on YouTube within only two months and still counting.

The record set by sarkodie over his Adonia video featuring Castro reaching 52million views for three years is about to be taken over by Osookoo, Osooko is about to break this huge record in Ghana. Sarkodie is the only artist in Ghana who has hit that landmark and holds that unbelievable record which was set some years back. The fastest treading comedy Osookoo is making AMP TV GH proud.
Let’s watch out for more from Osookoo the king of comedy in Ghana now.

Xbills Walkergh the CEO of Ghevent.Com in an interview with the owner and founder of Amp TV GH MR. Williams Mensah discloses this amazing record by his actor Osookoo.


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