Prince of Ashaiman Saddiq Shishi goes hard on this one, stop the killing of ‘Slay Queens’

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Slay queen meaning is quite broad in this era of a certain class of women with strange ways and mannerism especially on social media platforms such as Instagram. The slaying has become the in-thing, and most slay queens are loving the attention they receive for slaying their lavish lifestyle.

Ideally, Slay Queen meaning in English defines a successful lady, a role model and a motivation to other women. You admire her dress code and she earned an expensive lifestyle. Unfortunately, that does not present a slay queen definition. Instead, the meaning of slaying queen on social media is a lady who is concerned with how expensive she appears on social media. She will go an extra mile to keep up a fake lifestyle.

So many people would want to know what does slay mean on social media. Slay is mostly used on women fashion to explain someone who has killed it with her looks and beauty. The meaning of slaying queen in Ghana is not different since it’s a lady with a flashy lifestyle especially on social media such as Instagram.

A slay queen is very concerned about her looks than a medical screening for cervical cancer. How she dresses and her makeup is her breath. She is always attractive. Well, if you come across her without makeup you will probably understand this, mark you this is almost impossible. She always shops for expensive clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories even when she doesn’t have a source of income.

However, the killing of Slay Queens has become so rampant nowadays because every young guy wants to live in big homes, drive in big cars and live big boys life, so, the rather kill the girls in other to succeed in life.

With a matter of concern, the Prince of Ashaiman ‘Shishi’ the most decorated upcoming Artist has raised his voice to fight against the killing of young girls for money rituals.

Let’s help share this nice piece for our brother, son, husband and friend for the outside world to hear his cry.



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