Shatta Mitchy Forgave Me When I Cheated - Shatta Wale

Shatta Mitchy Forgave Me When I Cheated – Shatta Wale

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Shatta Mitchy Forgave Me When I Cheated – Shatta Wale

Shatta Mitchy Forgave Me When I Cheated - Shatta WaleI have Cheated On My Wife Before, Shatta Reveals

“Dance hall king” Shatta Wale in an interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso popularly know as Delay said he has cheated on Mitchy before and Mitchy forgave him.

Shatta Wale who now calls himself “champion” admitted he has cheated on Shatta Mitchy a few times before.

Shatta Mitchy Forgave Me When I Cheated, Shatta Wale said.

“I don’t really meet girls and just sleep with them, I am very selective,” Shatta Wale said on The Delay Show

Shatta Wale disclosed that his lady understands her work and how his music career life is moving. The Champion said Mitchy is ok with everything and reasons with him on his music life especially when it comes to socialization especially with other females.

“I have cheated few times and I sincerely apologized to Michelle and she forgave me, this is not something I often do but it been few times when I met Shatta Mitchy” he said.

Shatta also revealed that his woman won’t even publicize their life on social media or try to complain on social media about how Shatta Wale moves around with girls.

“I always back Mitchy in everything and I have accepted every critic coming to her.  Most at times I always tell Mitchy to psych her mind so she can ignore all the critics.”

The hit maker of “kakai” also said his wife is very friendly and does not misbehave. “He also said Shatta Mitchy has a long perspective when it comes to reasoning”

“I don’t take Mitchy’s loyalty for granted, Anything can happen and when it happens you should know how to keep your woman and I won’t flare up”

“Anytime we have an argument I want to talk to her so I calm her down, there is no need for me to hit my woman. I can’t amount the love I have for Mitchy. She makes me feel free with the kind of work I’m doing. I always tell her that when she gives me that free mind that is when I can create good music”

Michelle is understanding and she understands my work Shatta Wale said.

Shatta admitted she really loves Mitchy a lot and he will always support her lady in everything she does.



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