There Is Nothing Wrong With Masturbation – Annan

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I See Nothing Wrong With Masturbation – Toosweet Annan

 Nothing Wrong Masturbation Annan

Ghanaian actor Annan has vividly stated on Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix show that he sees nothing wrong with caressing the genitals for Pleasure


Toosweet Annan who had his video published on media months ago has stated clearly that there is nothing wrong with masturbating.

The actor who was in the news months back for sending a video of himself masturbating to a lady in the USA disclosed that about ninety-nine percent of guys masturbate so it is not a bad act. Responding to a question Zionfelix, host of the show asked if he masturbates, the father of one replied, “What is wrong with masturbation?”. He further stated, “There is nothing wrong with masturbating”.

The video was uploaded to after it was leaked by a lady who received the video from Toosweet Annan stroking his manhood.

According to him, whoever denies the fact that nine-nine percent of men masturbate should be called a liar. He questioned why people would have a problem with guys stroking their manhood for sexual pleasure when ladies do it without any criticism.

Toosweet Annan reacting to a claim by one Lilian Efya who resides in the USA that he sent her a video, which captures him, masturbating said he was not the one in the video. The actor explained that the said masturbation video was edited to tarnish his image. The actor explained that he stopped sleeping on multicolored bed sheet five years back which clearly shows that the lady took his video of five years old and added it to someone’s for a mischievous reason.

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