Why Kpandai constituency elections were postponed till further notice. 


The National Democratic Congress (NDC) announced the postponement of the upcoming constituency elections in some constituencies where kpandai happens to be part.

Most members of the party who heard of the above information were surprise and didn’t know why Kpandai was part of the postponed constituencies.

However, a source closer to the party told knowgh.com that, the elections in kpandai constituency was postponed for the fact that there is a petition from Kpandai to the party Head Quarters about the outcome of the vetting process.

The party would like to deal with the petition before proceeding with the elections to ensure peace and unity.

The source further disclosed that a group of people who were disqualified during the vetting took the issue up because they saw their disqualification to be unlawful.

This issue was reported to the regional level and gradually got to the national level and now the party have to postpone the elections till further notice.

Knowgh.com would soon bring you updates as to when the elections would come off in kpandai.

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