10 Important Results of Vice President Dr. Bawumia’s Administration

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10 Important Results of Vice President Dr. Bawumia’s Administration


Significant accomplishments in a number of different sectors have been made during Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s time serving as Ghana’s vice president. His leadership has been essential in influencing the development of the

nation, from economic reforms to the digital revolution. Here are 10 noteworthy achievements during Dr. Bawumia’s influential vice presidency.

Economic Growth and Stability

The economics and financial training of Dr. Bawumia has been essential in advancing budgetary restraint and macroeconomic stability.

Ghana’s economy has grown steadily under his leadership, winning the trust of investors and fostering a business-friendly atmosphere.

Free Senior High School (SHS) Program: One of the flagship policies of the NPP government, the Free SHS program, was championed by Dr. Bawumia. This initiative has increased access to quality education, easing the financial burden on parents and expanding opportunities for Ghanaian youth.

Digital Transformation Initiatives: Bawumia’s commitment to digital innovation has led to transformative initiatives like the National Digital Property Addressing System, Mobile Money Interoperability, and the Ghana Card. These efforts have modernized service delivery, financial inclusion, and citizen identification.

Financial Inclusion Advancements: The Vice President’s focus on financial inclusion resulted in the expansion of banking services to underserved areas. His efforts have brought many Ghanaians into the formal financial sector, improving their access to credit and financial tools.

Paperless Port System: Dr. Bawumia’s push for efficiency in trade led to the implementation of the Paperless Port System, reducing delays and corruption in the customs clearance process. This streamlined approach has enhanced revenue collection and eased the movement of goods.

Industrialization through “One District, One Factory”: Bawumia’s commitment to industrialization manifested in the “One District, One Factory” initiative, which aimed to promote local industries and create jobs across the nation. This policy has contributed to economic diversification and reduced dependence on imports.

Infrastructure Development and Road Projects: Dr. Bawumia’s tenure witnessed significant progress in road infrastructure development. His advocacy for road projects has improved connectivity between regions and facilitated transportation of goods and services.

Promotion of Agricultural Modernization: The Vice President’s support for agricultural modernization has led to initiatives like the Planting for Food and Jobs program, enhancing food security and promoting sustainable farming practices.

Efforts in Health and Sanitation:

Bawumia’s advocacy for improved healthcare led to initiatives like the construction and expansion of healthcare facilities, bolstering Ghana’s healthcare infrastructure and accessibility.

COVID-19 Response and Management:

During the pandemic, Dr. Bawumia played a key role in the government’s response, advocating for transparent communication, supporting the health sector, and mitigating the pandemic’s economic impact.

Conclusion: Dr. Bawumia’s tenure as Vice President of Ghana has been characterized by a range of accomplishments

that have touched upon various aspects of governance and development. From economic reforms to social initiatives,

his leadership has contributed significantly to Ghana’s growth and progress, leaving a lasting impact on the nation.

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