Ghana And Politics;The Role of Politics In The Country.

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Ghana And Politics;The Role of Politics In The Country.

THE POLITICAL SPACE IN Ghana has become more or less like a playground for our leaders who do not really take the citizens in the country. Elections is approaching in the country and some political leaders will start finding dubious ways for the sake of their stomach to be able to retain power and steal from our consolidated funds just to drain the economy.

We just cannot trust who because the level of corruptions in the country is soaring higher. It is good to find a job and care for the family but some jobs and responsibilities comes with a bigger task and just not your nuclear or extended family.

As a Political leader, your whole family goes beyond your blood. The whole assembly, district, municipality, and the country become your responsibility. The welfare of the people living there becomes yours to take care off. You weren’t given power to steal from the coffers of the country.

Our Political leaders need to take sole responsibility of their actions. The country can only turn around if Polictricians stops luring and deceiving the whole nation. The way politics is been done in the country is so absurd.

We cannot just blame the politicians but also the citizens as well. What role d we play in all the above? Citizens help to promote corruption and bribery forgetting about their generations.

A mother can just take Gh1000 just to make the wrong vote for what. Let be wise not to destroy the country.


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