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7 Most Fashionable Icon In Ghana

7 Most Fashionable Icon In Ghana

The fashion sector in Ghana is a colorful tapestry made of innovation, culture, and originality. The nation’s fashion designers are making their marks on the world stage using both traditional and modern styles. Let’s look at seven well-known Ghanaian fashion designers who are changing the game and making their imprint.

  1. Ozwald Boateng: Modernizing Men’s Fashion: Ozwald Boateng is a trailblazer in men’s fashion with Ghanaian roots. Known for his bold use of colors and unique tailoring techniques, Boateng has dressed celebrities and dignitaries alike. His fusion of traditional African fabrics with European cuts has earned him recognition on a global scale.
  2. Christie Brown: Celebrating African Elegance: Christie Brown, founded by Aisha Ayensu, is synonymous with contemporary African elegance. The brand blends traditional Ghanaian textiles and craftsmanship with modern silhouettes, creating stunning pieces that are worn by fashion enthusiasts worldwide.
  3. Mimi Plange: Redefining Luxury: Mimi Plange is a Ghanaian-American designer who has redefined luxury fashion. Her avant-garde designs fuse African aesthetics with Western influences, resulting in striking and thought-provoking collections. Plange’s creations have graced runways and gained recognition from major celebrities.
  4. Ohemaa Kidz: Children’s Fashion Extraordinaire: Ohemaa Kidz, founded by Abena Ohemaa Adjei, specializes in luxury children’s fashion. The brand combines traditional African textiles with contemporary designs, creating whimsical and stylish outfits for young ones that celebrate their heritage.
  5. Duaba Serwa: Bridging Tradition and Modernity: Sylvia Owusu-Ankomah, the creative mind behind Duaba Serwa, seamlessly merges traditional Ghanaian textiles with modern silhouettes. Her designs often feature intricate handwoven fabrics and capture the essence of Ghana’s cultural heritage while catering to a contemporary audience.
  6. Pistis: Luxury Bridal Couture: Pistis is a luxury bridal and couture brand co-founded by Kabutey Dzietror and Sumaiya Mohammed. Their intricate bridal gowns blend opulence with elegance, redefining bridal fashion in Ghana. Their creations have adorned numerous brides seeking an unforgettable wedding look.
  7. Afriken by Nana: Promoting African Prints: Nana Brenu, the creative force behind Afriken by Nana, is a designer dedicated to promoting African prints and fabrics. His creations often feature bold, vibrant prints that celebrate Ghana’s rich cultural heritage. The brand’s mission is to create stylish yet practical clothing that appeals to a diverse audience.

Conclusion: Ghana’s fashion designers are making waves in the industry, showcasing their artistic prowess and celebrating the country’s cultural diversity. From Ozwald Boateng’s suave menswear to Christie Brown’s elegant African fusion, these designers are leaving an indelible mark on the world of fashion. As they continue to innovate and create, they cement Ghana’s position on the global fashion map.


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