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Go for It

Sometimes, all you have to do is to just go for it. Life has its own ways of making things work out. Do not just sit down and fold your arms without doing nothing.

It is your turn to do wonders. Just know that you are made for great things. I have been in situation whereby I thought of not going for what was mine.

The fear of losing or getting disappointed was my headache.  So I decided not to just try until one day I had the go for it spirit to do more for myself. 

I took a great deal of starting my own slippers business with just $50 and that was my breakthrough.

Most of the comment I had was that, I cannot do this, it doesn’t suit me, I am a University Student then I answered and so what? Yes and so what? Does it matter?  Does it matter that I am a University students. Life is all about taking the risk to get what you want in life and that is the sure way to make it and it is up to you to make the right the choice in life. This is your moment.


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