The Importance of Distraction

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The Importance of Distraction

Destruction has not always been negative in certain circumstances. I have been there before.  Sometimes once in a life you will need to be distracted for a while in order to achieve what is ahead. I say this often in talks with groups of people and they do not seem to understand to. Distraction has been perceived as a chief procrastinator in all endeavors but it is not entirely true.

Watch this, a funny scenario. You saw your ex whom you just broke up with no good reasons in the mall. Before then, you have heard news about her looking for me seriously with the law but to no avail.

What will be your reaction in that circumstance? As you kept planning a route of an escape you met an old friend too who out of nowhere met you in the same mall with all the noise and hugs because it been 20years of lockdown since you guys met. All of a sudden you started talking about old times and by the time you realized and came back to yourself, the lady was nowhere to be found. For that moment of distraction it might seem like a negative thing but in real essence it turns out for your good.

So distraction cannot be seem entirely as negative. Just think about it deeply and get back to me interactively.

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