Dr. Bawumia’s Top 7 Moments in Ghana’s Digital Transformation, Embracing the Future

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Dr. Bawumia’s Top 7 Moments in Ghana’s Digital Transformation, Embracing the Future


The development of digital technologies and their transformational effects on Ghana’s economy and governance have been intimately correlated with Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s political career. Bawumia’s leadership has

significantly altered numerous sectors as the nation’s digital transformation’s driving force. Here are 7 crucial

occasions that demonstrate his influence on Ghana’s digital environment.

Digital Property Address System:


The National Digital Property Addressing System was one of Dr. Bawumia’s initial contributions to the digital

transition. This ground-breaking project gave each property a distinct address, improving

service delivery, emergency response, and commercial transactions.


Ghana Card and National identity:

The Ghana Card, a comprehensive national identity card, was introduced to streamline residents’ access to government services. Dr. Bawumia promoted the significance of precise identification for efficient governance and service delivery.

Bawumia’s desire for digital solutions expanded to the transportation industry with the introduction of the Digital Driver’s License and Vehicle Registration System. This more contemporary method decreased red tape, cut down on

corruption, and increased data accuracy.

Paperless Port System:

By digitizing customs clearing procedures, the Paperless Port System changed Ghana’s trading processes.

Reductions in clearance times and an increase in revenue collection are the results of Dr. Bawumia’s ambition for a more effective and transparent trading environment.

E-Procurement System:

Bawumia’s influence was crucial in the creation of the Ghana Electronic Procurement System (GHANEPS), as he

understood the importance of efficiency and openness in government procurement. By streamlining procurement

procedures, this online platform reduced waste and corruption.

Technology’s Role in the COVID-19 Response:

Dr. Bawumia stressed the importance of technology in crisis management during the COVID-19 epidemic.

His dedication to utilizing digital tools for public health and safety was demonstrated by projects like the COVID-19

Tracker App and the use of drones to distribute medical supplies.



Dr. Bawumia’s contributions to Ghana’s digital transformation are obvious, having a significant impact on a variety of governmental, economic, and social issues. His goal of making the country technologically savvy has led to

creative solutions that improve accessibility, efficiency, and transparency. Bawumia’s legacy as a change-agent

continues to be a pillar of Ghana’s development as it navigates the digital era.

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