The Disadvantage of Not Starting

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The Disadvantage of Not Starting

In my earlier post, I wrote about the benefits of starting and in this one I would like to cover the disadvantage of not doing something one ought to.

Life has many up and downs and has its own woes. There have been numerous situations people have found themselves in just for not starting that particular one thing they needed to. I am no exemption. I have been in situations that have affected my social life just for not starting that I needed to right away and that is what I am going to share with you in this post so kindly fasten your seat belt and relax to read this post.  Some of the disadvantages I would like to share with you are;

  1. Missed Opportunities:

You tend to miss a whole lot of opportunities for just not starting. Some of the opportunities can be personal growth, career promotions and other experiences.

  1. Unrealized Potential:

Sometimes you might not know the kind of wonders you can do if you don not start. Our potentials are hidden due to the fact that we are sacred to start or procrastinate in starting that one particular thing so at the end we get to miss to know what we were capable of.

  1. Mental Issues:

Due to the result of not keeping up to task in terms of starting, we tend to find ourselves in stressful conditions and depressed situations.

Mental health is a serious issue which one way or the other one can find or herself into for not just starting.

The above are some of the disadvantages one can find him or herself into for just not starting that particular task. You can refer to my other post on how to start to read more.

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