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Where To Start

Most at time people find it very difficult when it comes to starting that particular vision or task. In my previous post, there are other articles that I have published on when it comes to ‘starting’.

I have been a victim of before and trust me nothing is easy to start but in this blog post I am going to be revealing to you some techniques that can be adapted when it comes to starting that particular dream of yours or initiating that vision of yours.

It has never been easy and it takes a whole lot from you when it comes to where exactly to begin from. In every new milestone that one wants to begin with, there is always a point of entry and that is

  1. Define your goal: You can never walk to any battle field without a clear vision. Every good starter needs a clear vision to be able to see clearly. This is one of the few mistakes that I did when I started my project 360. There was no clear vision so I had a lot of issues along the road.
  2. Research: This is very important, it is very important to have a lot of knowledge on what exactly you plan to do and that will give you all the relevant information on what you are dealing with.
  3. Plan to Execute: I am not the type that is going to bore you with long essays. The truth is you can plan right after your research then you execute. For example you plan to work on mental health issues among Persons with disabilities as a Research topic. There will be the need for you to do series of research to probe into the type to find out more about what you intend to do and that will be the research. After series of reviews of articles are done, you can boldly plan on the number of objectives you intend to work on with such a research topic then you execute in the areas of your objectives.


The above are some techniques you can rely on to start your endeavor. There are other topics on this blog on start that you can check out.

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